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The Biggest Painting in the World 2020 TOKYO

Deferral of the event
"The Biggest Painting in the World 2020"

These days the outbreak of Covid-9 virus is becoming a critical issue threatening public health worldwide.

The administration of Ota ward, where "The World's Biggest Painting 2020" was planned to be held, called on the organizations to voluntarily refrain from holding the events in March of this year due to the situation.

The request of the same intention was also announced by the government officials and the National Diet of Japan.

Concerning the present situation, we made a decision to postpone the event "The Biggest Painting in the World 2020" scheduled for March 5 until June 26.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding.

We look forward to your coming to the event on June 26.

Перенос даты мероприятия
"The Biggest Painting in the World 2020"

Распространение вируса COVID-9 является серьёзной угрозой для мирового здравоохранения.

Администрация р-на Ота г. Токио обратилась к организациям с просьбой отказаться от проведения публичных мероприятий в марте 2020-го года.

Государственные чиновники и члены Парламента Японии также призывают к отказу от проведения публичных мероприятий.

С глубоким сожалением мы вынуждены оповестить Вас о нашем решении перенести мероприятие "The Biggest Painting in the World 2020" с 5-го марта на 26-е июня.

Искренне благодарим Вас за понимание.

Ждём Вас на мероприятии 26-го июня.

For the Olympic and Paralympic Games of 2020, deepen friendship by connecting pictures of 29 prefectures in Japan and pictures of children from 20 countries in Ota Ward, Tokyo, where the Olympics are hosted, to understand each other's countries, The purpose is to wish for peace.
Friday, December 25, 2020
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